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Big City Experience,

Home Town Service.

The best of both worlds in your quest for justice. 




  • Constitutional Law

  • Election Law

  • Personal Injury

  • Wrongful Death

  • Truck Wrecks

  • Severe Burns

  • Industrial Accidents

  • Car Wrecks

  • Slip and Fall

  • Trip and Fall

  • Motorcycle Wrecks

  • Bicycle Accidents

  • Dog Bites

  • Drowning Accidents

  • Boating Accidents

  • Eye Injuries

  • Brain Injuries

  • Liability of Property Owners (Premises Liability)

  • Punitive Damages Claims

  • Bad Faith Insurance Claims

  • Uninsured Motorist Claims

  • Underinsured Motorist Claims

  • Pedestrian Accidents

  • Train Accidents



     At The Newman Law Firm, we have implemented a simple three-prong strategy that we believe serves the best interests of every single client, regardless of whether you have a small claim car wreck case or a multi-million dollar wrongful death case. We treat every single case like a multi-million dollar case and our simple strategy is as follows:


     (1) Terminate your case;


     (2) At the earliest possible moment; 


     (3) For the best result for our client(s). 

       First, we actively and aggressively move your case toward termination. Every case has a starting point and an ending point and our goal is to continually move your case forward until resolution. Termination of your case could be obtained by way of settlement, mediation, arbitration or by verdict. 

     Second, our goal is to terminate your case in an aggressive and proactive manner. As a United States Marine who is trained in various combat strategies, we believe that the best defense is a good offense. Whether we are obtaining medical records, exchanging written discovery, taking depositions or filing motions on your behalf, we will keep your case moving because it benefits neither you, as the client, nor us, as the firm, to sit on your case and hope for the best. We zealously fight for victory in every case and your case will be no different. 

     Third, our litigation strategy is always, always, always centered around what is best for you, as our client. If you are not happy, then we are not happy. The recommendations that we make are based upon the information that is currently before us at the time of our recommendation. Sometimes we will recommend scorching the earth and going to trial but other times we may recommend accepting a settlement offer before running to the bank. Each recommendation is different but they all have your best interest in mind.

     We believe that by following our simple yet profound Vision Statement every client will be satisfied with the legal services that we provide. We would love the opportunity to fight on your behalf so please check out our Practice AreasMeet Russell A. Newman or Schedule a Free Consultation.


6688 Nolensville Rd.

Suite 108-22

Brentwood, TN 37027

Telephone: (615) 554-1510

Facsimile: (615) 283-3529

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Mailing Address

6688 Nolensville Road

Suite 108-22

Brentwood, TN 37027

Telephone:  (615) 554-1510

Facsimile:  (615) 283-3529

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